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Sampling and recon

16 August 2016 | Lasse Tano

Idag delade vi upp oss i två team. Grzeg tog sig ned till övre delen av Blue River för provtagning och mätning av tjocklek på lagerföljden. Ben, Henning och jag gick via Blue River till västra höjderna, i första hand för att reka området inför en eventuell travers mot Otocerasdal.

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Lovely day on Celsius Bjerg

6 August 2016 | Lasse Tano

We still have midnight sun, so we're working long hours. Henning and Ben made measurements of geological time periods in the mountain slope. Grzeg found a spectacular whole body imprint of a tetrapod. It's been documented and cast in plaster. A fantastic find!

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Sore bodies

31 July 2016 | Lasse Tano

What a day, what a fantastic day! Grezg and I went down the west side of the mountain, toward the stream. A traverse of approximately 2 km with an altitude difference of 502 meters.

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Missing luggage

29 July 2016 | Lasse Tano

The big event this morning was locating all luggage. Everything seemed ok. The remaining luggage would be in Mestersvig, so we went there with the help of helicopters and Twin Otter aircraft. Imagine our surprise when it became clear that the researcher's equipment were not there at all!

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