We still have midnight sun, so we’re working long hours. Henning and Ben made measurements of geological time periods in the mountain slope. Grzeg found a spectacular whole body imprint of a tetrapod. It’s been documented and cast in plaster. A fantastic find!

We woke up this morning at 6 o’clock to a very strong wind and a noise… It turned out our big kitchen tent was carried away by strong winds from the glacier. We found the tent 300 m down the mountain.

The forecasts from the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat and POLOG showed about 12 m/s. But since we remembered last years storm, we used extra tent poles and ropes. We also used rocks to build further wind protection. Despite the extra anchoring, the tent was gone with the wind…

Our sleeping tents were not affected, but it was a tough job to get the kitchen tent back. It took climbing harnesses, rope and four men cooperating, but we got it up to the camp again. The tent turned out to be relatively intact.

Maybe the spirit of Celsius Bjerg has had enough of us… We continue today with examinations of the immediate area.