Finally we got to say goodbye to Celsius Bjerg and hello to Kap Stosch! Celsius Bjerg has drained us in many ways – heavy traverses in steep terrain and strong winds at night are some examples. But Celsius Bjerg has given back! In the form of several cool, strange, qualitative fossils and tracks.

Now it is Kap Stosch’s turn to deliver. Previous years’ work has prepared us so we can get the most out of our time here and find what we’re looking for.

The landing on the intended camp site was a question mark. Where is the water? Where did the arctic fox that met us go..? After a dialogue, we estimated that the water in the immediate area should be sufficient, but it means that we have to bring water every time we’re on our way home. It’ll probably work out.

Now we have eaten a hearty dinner and strength is slowly returning to each of us. Tomorrow means new challenges, new fossil discoveries and hopefully brilliant weather.