What a day, what a fantastic day! Grezg and I went down the west side of the mountain, toward the stream. A traverse of approximately 2 km with an altitude difference of 502 meters. It may sound short, but it takes a lot of time in these slopes. We found footprints of tetrapod, which were cast in plaster. We also found a fossil tetrapod skull and nice plant imprints.

Going uphill took almost 3.5 hours, so you can imagine how hard it was to get back to the camp again.

Ben and Henning was up on the mountain and also found interesting fossils. A shark tooth from the lake, and some other really interesting fossils were added to the collection!

We also note that the communication equipment works perfectly! We are very pleased with this day, but above all, we are truly sore right now. Maybe it will be an easier day tomorrow…