Arctic Antarctica

Expedition: Arctic Ocean 2018

31 July 2018 - 25 September 2018 Arctic Ocean

Understanding Arctic climate by observing Arctic weather

To learn more about the Arctic climate we need to understand the processes shaping the weather. Atmospheric observations are very sparse in the Arctic Ocean, something the researchers behind the project ACAS hope to change.

Towards understanding ice in Arctic clouds

By learning more about the rare aerosol particles responsible for triggering ice formation in supercooled cloud droplets researchers want to create better models for predicting weather and climate.

Why Arctic bubbles matter to all of us

Bursting bubbles from the sea in the Arctic might be important for the global climate. Helen Czerski and Matthew Salter reports on four weeks of measuring bubbles on an ice floe.

What controls Arctic cloud properties?

In order to better understand the processes controlling Arctic clouds researchers made detailed measurements of the clouds, and the meteorological conditions that determine where they form.