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Expedition: Arctic islands 2017

3 July 2017 - 11 August 2017 Wrangel Island and Chaun River

What happens to species when the climate changes?

11 August 2017

This summer Patrícia Pečnerová from The Swedish Museum of Natural History, is going to Wrangel Island. Originally it was a small hill in the Siberian mainland, but about 10,000 years ago when the last Ice Age ended, sea level rose due to temperature rise and it became what we today know as the Wrangel Island.

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Polar bear in base camp

7 August 2017 | Anders Angerbjörn

The young polar bears are often wandering around the island, curious and inexperienced. One late night a young female polar bear visited our camp. I went out in my long johns tails and went around the corner of the house . The polar bear did not see me and I did not see the polar bear. But Alexei Tichonov saw her from her window and shouted: Go into house! Polar bear very close!

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Fältarbete på Tjaunflodens delta

24 July 2017 | Rasmus Erlandsson

Den stora sovjetiska helikoptern sänker sig över tundran. Vi har suttit som klistrade vid fönstrena, men det är inte helt enkelt att hålla orienteringen. Vi har sett några små hus här och där under flygningen från Peveks flygplats, men jag lyckades inte få någon vidare överblick av forskningsstationen i Tjaunflodens delta, innan vi plötsligt står på marken. En i besättningen hoppar ut ur helikoptern och kollar landningsställen. Motorn tystnar och rotorn börjar sakta in.

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We're in Pevek

10 July 2017 | Rasmus Erlandsson

On Wednesday, the Swedish, Slovak and Portuguese Arctic islands participants flew from Stockholm, via Saint Petersburg to Moscow. The next day it was time to start the long journey across Russia – from the capital in the southwest to Asia's northernmost city, the small harbor town of Pevek in the northeast.

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