We are finally on our way. “Finally”? In reality, everything has gone as well as we could ever hope for, and we are on our way on leg 2 of SWERUS-C3 earlier than planned. The rotation as such was finalized in little more than half a day, thanks to very cooperative weather and a very cooperative sea. That is not something you can count on in the Chukchi Sea, and we were prepared to spend up to four days on the rotation and bunkering. Now, we are leaving in the morning of day 2.


Departure from Barrow. Photo: Magnus Augner

Thanks to the participants and ship’s crew of leg 1, the preparations for the scientific work that needs to be done are quite limited, and we can start “doing science” after just one day of steaming westwards. During the first PI/Co-PI meeting, yesterday, the plans for the first section were made – with alternatives, as there is a threatening low pressure forming between the New Siberian Islands and Wrangel Island. We’ll just have to see as we get there …

Everyone onboard is eager to really get going, and it feels good that it won’t take too long before “the real work” can begin.