Arctic Antarctica

Expedition: Field course: Environment and society in a changing Arctic

1 July 2013 - 14 July 2013 Svalbard

Exploring Longyearbyen

11 July 2013

After one of the most terrifying boat rides of our lives, hot showers, and a good night of rest, we finally awoke in the comfort of Spitsbergen’s guesthouse. As we reluctantly left our warm, rock-less beds, we gathered with our groups to explore the town.

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Leaving Petunia Bay

10 July 2013

We woke up 06:30 after our last night in the tent. The weather was as it had been most of the time in the camp, cloudy and rainy, though unusually enough it wasn’t particularly windy in Petunia Bay.

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7 July 2013

After a nice sunny night, we woke up to another rain filled morning. Today our plan was to hike to Pyramiden, an old Russian mining settlement, named after the central mountains pyramid shape.

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Rolling mist

6 July 2013

Today is officially the halfway point of our trip and we were greeted by the rolling mist waking up. It blanketed the landscape and shrouded the mountains and glaciers that we had grown accustomed to admiring, it was accompanied by a fine drizzle.

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Exciting encounters

5 July 2013

Day three of the tent camp, the weather was perfect for a long hike – no wind, no burning sun, no rain. We headed north east from our camp towards a glacier called Svenbreen.

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Polar bears

4 July 2013

Day two began bright and early with a 6:30 AM wakeup from our camp guide Oskar. After a filling breakfast of bread, cheese, dried ham, and a surprisingly tasty fruit soup, we packed our sandwich bags and headed North further into Petunia Bay.

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Petunia Bay

3 July 2013

We started the day at 7 am in the morning. The weather in Longyearbyen was cold, windy and foggy. We had our breakfast in the guest house and each of us prepared a lunch bag. Surprisingly we found a reindeer outside the reception having his breakfast as well.

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