So, we are officially delayed and the mess with missed connections is on. For a while the planning pointed towards flying out yesterday, but that got cancelled.

Passing time while the storm roars

Ola F., Neil, and Henrik H. passing time while the storm roars. Photo: Carl Lundberg

Watching Pistvakt

Henrik T., Ola E., Stefan, and Pär enjoying an episode of Pistvakt. Photo: Carl Lundberg

Now we are scheduled to leave tomorrow (Monday) at noon. For the first time it actually seems like a realistic option as the storm has finally settled. Needless to say we are ready to go. The landing strip ski-way has been inspected and miraculously all the black plastic bags filled with snow marking the ski-way were still in place and the snow surface is flatter than ever. If only the visibility remains fair and the horizon stays clear we could get out – at least to Troll.

Ola E. clears the Ski-way

Ola E. clears the Ski-way. We are ready! Photo: Carl Lundberg

The jump from Troll to Cape Town has gotten an interesting twist. Our flight on that stretch was scheduled for Wednesday. However, there are six free seats on an earlier flight that we can use. It’s only a few hours in between the connections so everything has to run on time in order for that to happen. And you might wonder how to decide who gets to go on the early flight and who has to stay back. Well, we had a meeting about it and thanks to the great generousity of five amongst us we found a solution without much discussion.

It has to be said, this expedition has been Zen!

Henrik and the computer

Henrik H. trying to keep up with the outer world. The midnight sun is now gone. Photo: Carl Lundberg

Drill and wedges used to take rock samples

Tradition bids all expeditions to leave a token at Wasa. This is our contribution. It displays the drill and wedges used to take rock samples. Photo: Carl Lundberg

Jenny's cleaning

The way to a PhD includes many tasks. The ever energetic Jenny cleans up Vasaloppet. Photo: Carl Lundberg