The last few days have passed slowly, we switched to low-power mode and just waited out the storm. When the winds were at their strongest, the anemometer almost broke down and we had to take it inside. Then it sounded as if the storm got even stronger, but we don’t really know the exact wind speed.

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First aid

When the doctor is out and the chef, who is also the nurse, has cut her thumb, the technician takes care of first aid. Photo: Pär Ljusberg

Worn out boots

Calle fixed Jenny’s worn out boots. Photo: Karin Winarve

Table top hockey

Scotland vs Indiana. Photo: Karin Winarve

Indoor chores

Indoor chores when the storm roars. Photo: Karin Winarve


Hard to stay upright. Photo: Karin Winarve


Frost roses

Frost roses. Photo: Karin Winarve


Basen in the storm. Photo: Karin Winarve