The stubborn storm and our involuntary extended stay at Wasa, meant that we had time for a proper closing of the station. The closing procedure is basically the reverse of the start-up procedure – there is a checklist to follow and we just do it the other way around. The challenge is to make room for everything and at the same time make it logical for those who will open the station next time.

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Advanced 3D puzzle

Making room for everything is like an advanced 3D puzzle. Photo: Pär Ljusberg

Closing the door

We’re closing the door and going home. Photo: Karin Winarve

Hurrying down the hill

Hurrying down the hill to catch the plane. Photo: Karin Winarve

Airplane coming in for landing

Lidia coming in for landing. Photo: Karin Winarve

Loading the airplane

Loading. Photo: Karin Winarve

Ready to go

Ready to go. Photo: Karin Winarve

A view of Borgmassivet

A beautiful view of next season’s field site – Borgmassivet. Photo: Karin Winarve

Eating cheese curls

Finally cheese curls. Photo: Karin Winarve