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Oväntad vändning, vi är till havs!

24 December 2017 | Carl Lundberg

Att kryssa genom havsisen mellan isberg, sälar och pingviner är inget annat är hänförande. Nu är vi tillbaka vid avlastningsplatsen. Vi tycker vädret ser fint ut för imorgon, så hopp finns för både flygning till Troll för upphämtning av bagage, vetenskaplig flygrekognosering och lossning av vår utrustning.

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43,2 knots of wind

21 February 2017 | Carl Lundberg

Now we are scheduled to get picked up on Thursday at 12:15 but the forecast does not look that good. At this moment we have 43,2 knots of wind and visibility less than 1000 meters. But spirits are high, we are warm and we got food.

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Polar explorers achievements

16 February 2017 | Carl Lundberg

Last night at dinner we asked our self what technological advances that makes it possible for us to travel to Earth's most inhospitable and isolated continent? Sure, there have been polar expeditions for over a hundred years now, but you do not need to go too far back in the literature to realise that it was made under completely different risks and sacrifices. Its somewhere around where the images changes from color to black and white so see how the conditions and the changes but must have felt both fear and anxiety. There is more than one story about the expedition That Were left on the ice, not just one, but two long winters more than planned.

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Latest news from Wasa catering, cargo and real estate Inc.

9 January 2017 | Carl Lundberg

After another period without a clue of the date it was, we have figured out That it is January 9 today. And it is good to know Because tomorrow will our colleagues be travelling from Cape Town. Just like we did, they first fly to Troll. Currently it is not known if they will stay for a night or fly out straight away. There has been some confusion with flights between Cape Town and Troll. The warm weather has made the airstrip warm, and since it's made of ice it needs go get a little bit harder so that the air planes are able to land. So they have talked about moving to flights till nighttime.

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New Years Eve in Antarctica

31 December 2016 | Carl Lundberg

At Neumayer we've got ourself out of bed at 7 for breakfast and then we've got help from two machine operators. Unfortunately I do not know the name of the first operator, but anyhow he is almost excessively tanned. And the second operator was Klaus from Bavaria. He was the one in Lederhosen on Christmas Eve and also the one who opened the beer bottles with a chainsaw on New Year's Eve.

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Happy New Year!

31 December 2016 | Carl Lundberg

Happy New Year! Ola, Stefan and Calle drove to Neumayer yesterday to get the second batch of cargo. We packed and celebrated New Years Eve today and tomorrow we drive back to Wasa.

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