The storm is coming

We could literally see the front coming, it’s been with us ever since. Photo: Carl Lundberg

Yesterday’s weather reports indicate that the weekend is our best bet to leave Wasa. We don’t know why, but we didn’t get a weather forecast today. The German meteorologist at Neumayer moved to the Russian research station Novolazarevskaya, and we heard that there was some IT issue. Anyway, we don’t need one to realise what’s going on. After a season with splendid weather, we are having our share of bad weather. Cross your fingers for a break in the weather, soon we will have to rebook our tickets from Cape Town.


Karin heading for the cosy warmth of Wasa. In the foreground some of our cargo, ready to go down to the ski-way once the storm settles. Photo: Carl Lundberg


Jenny, the most devoted hiker amongst us. She walked enough to completely wear out a pair of shoes. Photo: Carl Lundberg


Both flags and poles are now down. Flags have been mended and poles tied to the ground. Photo: Carl Lundberg

Sushi night

There doesn’t seem to be anything Karin can’t make. Nat is ready for Sushi night. Photo: Carl Lundberg

The MAGIC-DML team

The MAGIC-DML team and, in fact, the storm front as it rolls in from the east. Photo: Carl Lundberg