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The expedition team is complete!

13 January 2017 | Henrik Törnberg

We have lots of preparations to make before we go out on our first field mission. Everything takes longer time when the weather is bad and the risk of injuries and damages on equipment increases. We immediately take some security measures when working outdoors.

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With a 75-year-old to Wasa

12 January 2017 | Henrik Törnberg

10:30 - we are in the air and the flight to Wasa takes two hours. Lidia is a alert but noisy 75-year-old and are missing pressure cabin. The landing at the Wasa turns out to be a bumpy one, the rear wheel is missing a landing skis and digs deep into the loose snow.

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A day of waiting

11 January 2017 | Henrik Törnberg

Troll gives us a perfect start with great weather - sunshine, good visibility, no wind and the thermometer shows -7 degrees Celsius. We pack up our things and set off with a tracked vehicle seven kilometers out to the airstrip.

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Latest news from Wasa catering, cargo and real estate Inc.

9 January 2017 | Carl Lundberg

After another period without a clue of the date it was, we have figured out That it is January 9 today. And it is good to know Because tomorrow will our colleagues be travelling from Cape Town. Just like we did, they first fly to Troll. Currently it is not known if they will stay for a night or fly out straight away. There has been some confusion with flights between Cape Town and Troll. The warm weather has made the airstrip warm, and since it's made of ice it needs go get a little bit harder so that the air planes are able to land. So they have talked about moving to flights till nighttime.

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Finally at Wasa after marathon-long road trips, car jamming and snow shovelling

5 January 2017 | Stefan Gunnarsson

We have finally arrived at Wasa after a busy week with marathon-long road trips, car jamming and snow shovelling. I have tried to send a message through our SHOUT, that is a small beacon that combines GPS and satellite-borne e-mail. We had agreed with the office at home that we would send messages, but unfortunately it is not very user friendly and it sometimes deletes the hole message instead of transmitting it.

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New Years Eve in Antarctica

31 December 2016 | Carl Lundberg

At Neumayer we've got ourself out of bed at 7 for breakfast and then we've got help from two machine operators. Unfortunately I do not know the name of the first operator, but anyhow he is almost excessively tanned. And the second operator was Klaus from Bavaria. He was the one in Lederhosen on Christmas Eve and also the one who opened the beer bottles with a chainsaw on New Year's Eve.

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Happy New Year!

31 December 2016 | Carl Lundberg

Happy New Year! Ola, Stefan and Calle drove to Neumayer yesterday to get the second batch of cargo. We packed and celebrated New Years Eve today and tomorrow we drive back to Wasa.

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