Car and sleigh with fuel

The second round with the Finns fuel sleigh on its way from Neumayer. Here we had a few minutes of nice weather. Photo: Carl Lundberg

Cars in snowstorm

Ola, Stefan and Calle in a snowstorm on the way from Neumayer to Wasa. Photo: Carl Lundberg

Fill up the car in snowy weather

Stefan and Ola fill up the car with the fuel from the trailer for better weight distribution. Photo: Carl Lundberg

soft rubber

It takes nerves of steel to run on the soft rubber. This would have been a subject to a driving ban in Sweden but soft tires provide good grip and our tires are apparently made to endure it. Photo: Carl Lundberg

Hi !

We have finally arrived at Wasa after a busy week with marathon-long road trips, car jamming and snow shovelling.

I have tried to send a message through our Shout, that is a small beacon that combines GPS and satellite-borne e-mail. We had agreed with the office at home that we would send messages, but unfortunately it is not very user friendly and it sometimes deletes the hole message instead of transmitting it.

Either way, it is appropriate to particularly thank our friends at the Alfred Wegener Institute, if anyone would happen to bump into them. They have been so hospitable and helpful at Neumayer. They let me and Ola borrow the workshop and welding without hesitation. We have got to borrow tools and they helped with loading. The fact that they had Swedish-speaking staff giving us a tour óf the station was absolutely fantastic!

Have a Happy New Year!