Table mountain

Cape Town’s most known landmark, the table mountain. Tablecloth is a weather phenomenon seen during summertime, it consist of thin mist flows down from the mountain. Photo: Henrik Törnberg

Participants in front of the airplane

Our Airbus has landed at the research station Troll. For Several of the Participants it’s the first time they put their feet on the Antarctic ice sheet. From the left: Neil, Henrik H, Jenny, Nathaniel and Ola F. Photo: Henrik Törnberg

The trip started in Gothenburg, Trondheim, Chicago, Glasgow and Birmingham. We gathered in Cape Town, where we planned for a two days safety stop. This to get a chance to recuperate after long flights and for luggage reasons – to have a chance to get back the lost luggage. This tuned out to be a very wise strategy, Neils bag went lost on two occasions under management in the airports.

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