The expedition was carried out by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in collaboration with the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat. OATRC 2013 was a project associated with Sustainable Arctic Marine and Coastal Technology (SAMCoT), which is a centre for research-based innovation, initiated by the Research Council of Norway and hosted by NTNU. OATRC 2013 was a follow-up to last year’s expedition to this region.

OATRC 2013 was not a part of the research programme SWEDARCTIC 2013.


The main scientific scope of the research expedition was:

  • Collection of data necessary to build, calibrate and validate models for:
    • Floaters in ice
    • Ice Management operations
    • Iceberg/sea ice drift
  • Ice/metocean statistics
  • Evaluation of new technologies
  • Environmental research

Artists Programme

The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat has since 1988 offered artists to participate in research expeditions to the polar regions. This time the Swedish sound artist Åsa Stjerna was selected to work onboard the icebreaker Oden during OATRC 2013.

Åsa Stjerna’s artistic practice focuses on sound and listening as artistic media in the exploration of public space and its conditions. Through her site-specific sound installations, she amplifies the imperceptible underlying structures of places.

Onboard Oden Åsa’s aim was to continue the artistic exploration of the ocean in terms of a public realm with high global relevance.

Principal investigator

Raed Lubbad
Department of Civil and Transport Engineering, NTNU