Jenny Newall on the ice

Jenny Newall is the PhD student on this expedition. The Magic DML expedition will be an essential part of her thesis. Photo: Henrik Törnberg

Nat Lifton

Nat Lifton is an expert in lab methods and sampling techniques. He help to decide whether it’s worth taking samples from a boulder or not. Photo: Henrik Törnberg

Ola Fredin

Ola Fredin is an expert in making satellite imagery analysis. We use the images to identify potential valuable boulders.Photo: Henrik Törnberg

Neil Glasser in an ice cave

Neil Glasser is expert in geomorphology. He interpret the various landforms here in Antarctica. Photo: Carl Lundberg

Neil Glasser, Nat Lifton, Ola Fredin and Jenny Newall is our four researchers during this expedition. If they didn’t need go to Antarctica and look for rocks, this expedtion would not have happened. All the participants both scientists and logistics staff, are needed to carry out an expedition like this. But the research is the driving force for implementation.

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