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One wild night

21 augusti 2015 | Henning Blom

Woke up at about 0100 to shrieking wind and the tent flapping. Better check the guys. I was almost pushed over by the freezing wind when I finally got out. All the tents were still standing, but leaning over alarmingly.

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The black lake

18 augusti 2015 | Henning Blom

We had our first look at the rocks yesterday after dinner. We climbed up from our camp at 820 m to the snow line on Celsius Bjerg and fanned out: Grzegorz concentrating on the sandstone blocks to look for footprints; Henning and Ben for outcrops of black shale that mark the Obrutschew Bjerg Formation.

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Disaster strikes!

7 augusti 2015 | Henning Blom

Today started well with a plan to head downstream along the Blue River to sample the Permian strata on the coast. We also wanted to see if we could access a large valley called Otocerasdal, which was our last target for the fossiliferous concretion-rich layers.

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Giant ammonites

6 augusti 2015 | Henning Blom

We worked down river as far as the ice tunnel taking GPS waypoints for the most important outcrops. We located some of the older horizons and found parts of giant ammonite, Otoceras, which would have reached the size of a bicycle tire.

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Rich pickings

2 augusti 2015 | Henning Blom

The sun was out as we set off for our collecting trip. We packed wrapping paper, sample bags and small chisels for our assault on the concretions. We were not to be disappointed.

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More complicated than we expected

1 augusti 2015 | Henning Blom

The weather has cleared but it is still chilly. Yesterday was certainly not wasted. We climbed up the nearest peak and circled round the valley. It is fairly clear that the upper part of the succession is not exclusively marine but rather comprises a complex sequence of shallow near-shore to lagoonal-deltaic and fluvial rocks.

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Wet and weary

31 juli 2015 | Henning Blom

Woke up to the sound of pounding rain on the tent roof. Warm and dry in the sleeping bag, but it means a muddy introduction to the work, or worse being grounded until the weather clears.

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Arrival at Kap Stosch

30 juli 2015 | Henning Blom

We flew in two shifts this afternoon from the Danish military airstrip at Mestersvig. We got to Mestervig first by Twin Otter aircraft from Constable Point and then packed our gear onto the waiting helicopter.

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