The intensive field work is drawing to a close but the work is far from over. With our scat, spider and tissue samples collected and kept in labelled bags in the freezer, it is now time to sort through our collections and turn them into computer files.

Susana Freire

Susana Freire sorting spiders collected during our field activities. Photo: Fredrik Dalerum

Each sample, its collection coordinates and other relevant information is entered into our computer database and cross checked to ensure that everything is correct and present.


All collected samples needs to be sorted, labelled and stored in ethanol for further genetic analyses. Photo: Fredrik Dalerum

During our cross-checking, we also ensure that all spider and scat samples are correctly labelled in small plastic tubes with ethanol before they are sent to our lab to be determined for stomach content (spiders) and plant material (scats). With a collection of over 700 spiders and 300 herbivore scat samples, the results will surely make our late nights working in the lab worth the lack of sleep!