Ultrasonic unit

Testing the ultrasonic unit. Foto: Karin Winarve

satellite image

Briefing with ruts and satellite data. Photo: Karin Winarve

Two men leaning over the car engine

What’s draining the battery? Photo: Karin Winarve

Lashing cargo

Lashing of cargo before departure. Foto: Karin Winarve

Two tents

Field camp on the ice. Photo: Karin Winarve

Nunatak Plogen in sunrise

Plogen in a new shape. Photo: Karin Winarve

Filling the scooter with fuel

Full tank, please. Photo: Karin Winarve

South polar skua.

Antarctic skua also known as brown skua. Photo: Karin Winarve

Snowcat fetch water

Fetch water from a area with blue ice. Photo: Karin Winarve

And now we are only three person left. Again. We have just sent off the team with all researchers and and four of our logicians. The alarm clock rang at four forty and at six we had freshly baked bread for them to bring as lunch packages. The last tour was mainly a test to get the chance to get to know the cars, camping gear, research equipment and communication equipment. But this field expedition will be a bigger one.

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