Flag fishing. Photo: Karin Winarve

Flag fishing. Photo: Karin Winarve

Ostrich meat

Ostrich slices. Photo: Karin Winarve

Replacing the garbage bins

Replacing the garbage bins at Wasa recycling center. Photo: Karin Winarve

Aluminum pipes

Aluminum pipes are probably good to something. Photo: Karin Winarve

Nunatak sticking up from the ice look lie the back of an crocodile

The Crocodile back. Photo: Karin Winarve

The working day began with replacing the flagpole rope. The four flagpoles have become old and have become worn out by weather. The lines have become so bad that they are almost impossible to get tight and they are just making more and more sounds.  The sounds seem to be something that you just notice when you’ve crawled down do bed and it is quiet in the house. But when lying there in your PJ’s your not to tempted to get out there to fix the ropes again. Instead, you put earplugs in and put the pillow over your head. But, last night we remembered the ropes and tryed to fix them when the coats still were  on.

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