Our medical doctor Henrik on the ice

Our medical doctor Henrik. He always has his medical equipment with him. He keeps the most sensitive drugs next to his body and keeps it in the sleeping bag so that they won’t freeze when we are out in the field. Photo: Henrik Törnberg

Henrik standing on one of the cars fully packed with boxes.

Henrik is always ready. The medical equipment is packed in bags and boxes. Photo: Henrik Törnberg

Hand stand on the ice

Doctor, porter, kitchen boy, and gymnast (?). All in one. Photo: Henrik Törnberg

Henrik Hedelin is the expeditions Medical Doctor. He usually works as an orthopaedic surgeon in the Queen Silvia Children´s Hospital in Gothenburg and the last 10 years he has been specialising in Mountain and wilderness medicine. As a doctor in Gothenburg he operates on children with broken legs and arms.

The most complicated operation has so far been with tweezers, removing two sticks out of a finger. We sincerely hope that sticks in a finger is as bad as it gonna get during this expedition.

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