Man in red jacket an sunglasses

Calle is our mountain guide, safety manager and handyman in this cold climate. Photo: Henrik Törnberg

Man on one of the car

Calle ice the expedition unchallenged champion of Tetris. He’s the only one who has figured out how to get all the luggage and equipment on to the cars. Photo: Henrik Törnberg


In our computer screens, we see high-resolution satellite images with wavelengths from the infrared spectrum on our screens and on the other screen we have radar images That are usefull when looking for cracks. Photo: Henrik Tornberg

Man in front of a steep edge

Safety first – always on expedition. Photo: Henrik Törnberg

Calle are our mountain guide here in Antarctica, It’s his job to monitor our operations and make sure that we’re not exposed to any risks. When Calle is not on a polar expedition he is working as safety manager on  high-altitude job sites and as a mountain guide with focus on skiing in Scandinavia.

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