Group photo

Sampling at the beautiful Jekselen peak on Wednesday. Seven nice rock samples were collected. From the left: Carl, Andreas, Jenny, Robin, Derek, and Sarah in the front. Photo: Fredrik Hägglund


One differential GPS is set up in Base Camp and the other by the sample site. They give a altitude narrowed down to centimeters. Photo: Fredrik Hägglund


A simple and good way to keep the drill batteries warm! Photo: Fredrik Hägglund

Anchor and rope

An anchor and a safety rope is set up so researchers can reach a sample site even though a probed crevasse is close to the sample site. Photo: Fredrik Hägglund


Fredrik on one of the beautiful peaks at Jekselen, a warm (five layers of clothing!) and happy expedition doctor. Photo: Jennifer Newall

Lunch tent

If the conditions are windy at the sample sites, a lunch tent is set up to protect from the cold. Photo: Fredrik Hägglund

Batteries charging

All the batteries for our equipment have to be charged every night. Photo: Fredrik Hägglund

Mountain peak

Derek and mountainguide Carl are planning how to reach the top of Viddalskollen for sampling. Photo: Fredrik Hägglund


Expedition leader Håkan with the beautiful nunatak Istind in the background. Here we are on our way to base camp 6 at Gronehogna. Photo: Fredrik Hägglund


Returning to SANAE IV after 17 days in the field. Everyone’s hoping the water supply will be able to give us a warm shower! Photo: Fredrik Hägglund


The sun has now begun to disappear below the horizon and rises after an hour. The photo was taken 2 February at 23.10 from the roof of SANAE IV. Photo: Fredrik Hägglund