Dronning Maud Land is largely covered by the East Antarctic Ice Sheet. The ice is so thick that only the highest mountain peaks, so-called nunataks, protrude through the ice sheet.

The aim of MAGIC-DML is to reconstruct the glacial history of the ice sheet, specifically how its thickness and dynamics have varied over time. By collecting and determining the age of rock samples at different heights on the nunataks, numerical models of the ice sheet changes can be tested and improved. The models help the researchers understand how the ice sheet is affected by climate change, both historically and in the future.

During the 2016/17 Antarctic season the researchers worked in areas around the Swedish research station Wasa. This season, the South African research station SANAE IV is the starting point for the field work. SANAE IV is located on the Vesleskarvet nunatak on the west side of the Ahlmann Ridge in Dronning Maud Land.

Principal investigator

Arjen Stroeven
Department of Physical Geography, Stockholm University

Fieldwork science team

The field team that will work in Antarctica during the expedition consists of:

  • Derek Fabel, University of Glasgow, UK
  • Jennifer Newall, Stockholm University and Purdue University, USA
  • Jon Harbor, Purdue University, USA
  • Robin Blomdin, Stockholm University
  • Sarah Sams, Purdue University, USA