Arctic Antarctica

Expedition: Oden Southern Ocean 2010/11

26 November 2010 - 17 January 2011 Amundsen Sea

Physical oceanography

The main objective of this expedition was to understand the spatial and temporal variation of the cdw on the shelf.

Implications of increasing CO2

The project will provide basic information needed to predict the effects of future changes in CO2 uptake on CaCO3 saturation and ocean acidification in the Southern Ocean due to changes in sea ice extent, freshwater input, and temperature.

Health assessment of Antarctic seals

We have investigated the health status of three endemic seal species, i.e., the Ross, Weddell, and crabeater seals. Our main interest was to search for antibodies to canine distemper virus in the seals.

Oden Southern Ocean 2010/11- expedition summary

The 2010/11 Oden expedition to the Amundsen Sea in Antarctica was the fifth scientific expedition coordinated jointly by the National Science Foundation, the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, and the Swedish Research Council.