The US research council National Science Foundation chartered Oden from the Swedish Maritime Administration and the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat to break the ice outside the Antarctic station McMurdo by the Ross Sea.

Oden left Landskrona 19 October 2007, crossed the Atlantic Ocean and bunkered in South America. The research party embarked in Punta Arenas, Chile, and the ship left for Antarctica on 29 November 2007. 20 days was dedicated to marine science – mainly sampling – on the cruise from South America to the Antarctic. Oden reached McMurdo 7 January 2008 and the expedition participants flew to New Zealand for further travelling home. The icebreaker came back to Sweden in March.

The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat was in charge of expedition management, information technology and medical care onboard. Oden was manned with its regular Swedish crew throughout the whole cruise.

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Map of the planned route for icebreaker Oden.