these studies will be complemented with traditional lab based in vivo and in vitro studies in combination with immunohistological methods for localization and quantification of different putative substances involved in the regulation of the cardiovascular system and in particular the gastrointestinal vasculature. The main part of the project is on fish and it is divided into four smaller but related sub-projects all related to regional blood flow distribution.

A smaller field project on reptile haemodynamics using the large-animal telemetric system developed will be conducted. One important part of our work in the group is to refine and develop new surgical protocols and procedures and new scientific tools. One of these new tools is a remote injector that will enable us to continue the pharmacological studies even in the animals equipped with the blood flow telemetric systems. The mechanism is patented and we will now start long term tests.

The project is a collaboration between the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat and the American National Science Foundation (NSF). The participants will be staying at the American McMurdo station.

Principal investigator

Michael Axelsson
Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Gothenburg