Swedish Polar Research Secretariat technicians retrieved data from a GPS/geodesy project which began during the 2004/05 season at Svea, where they also installed a small seismographic station in cooperation with the German Alfred Wegener Institute.

Paul Smeets of Utrecht University, The Netherlands, accompanied the expedition to Wasa to maintain the automatic weather stations which were installed near Wasa and Svea in the 1997/98 season. Water and snow experiments was also conducted at Wasa’s weather station.

The expedition was conducted in cooperation with the Finnish Antarctic research program, FINNARP, which is based at Aboa, Wasa’s neighbour station. FINNARP/the Finnish Institute of Marine Research was responsible for travel by sea from Scandinavia, while SWEDARP/the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat handled travel by land for both countries, and the two programmes also shared a doctor.


Aeroplanes was used at the German Neumayer station in Dronning Maud Land to conduct meteorological measurements of aerosols under the auspices of the ANTSYO II project, which was concerned in part with studying whether interactions between solar radiation, highly reflective surfaces, aerosol particles, and clouds increase the radiation effects of atmospheric aerosols.


Radovan Krejci
Department of Meteorology (MISU), Stockholm University