Under helikopterturen mellan forskningsstationerna Troll och SANAE hade vi utsikt över vårt fältområde. Foto: Jon Harbor

kvinna och man planerar

På fartyget fick vi mycket arbete gjort – här planeras en rekognoseringsflygning. Foto: Jon Harbor


Shelfisen syns från hyttfönstret. Foto: Jon Harbor

We are is still on the S.A. Agulhas II and wrapping up planning for sampling sites. Due to a change in wind pushing the sea ice against the ice shelf, unloading of our cargo from the ship has been delayed until the winds change. Additionally, we are waiting on clear weather for use of the helicopters for reconnaissance.

The team is making the most of the extra time by mapping, writing, and even seeing a few penguins! Everyone is in good spirits and eager to get back on the ice, after our Christmas gift exchange of course!